purge the urge

135: Pulling Teeth

I wanna pull my tooth out... feels like its not mine.

134: It's All In Your Head!

I have the urge to ram my head into things. Not just walls, but platforms or TV's. Also I have the urge to ram something INTO my head, like a hookah pipe or a pencil.
-My Head

133: The Urge To Throw

I often have the overwhelming urge to throw things. Whatever is in my hand. Sometimes even if nothing is in my hands. Just the urge to throw.

132: Put Down The Scissors And No One Gets Hurt!

I get a really strong urge to break mirrors on my face or to cut off pieces of my skin. Just the other day I broke down, grabbed scissors and cut off pieces of my skin.. It took everything out of me to stop before it was too bad and ever since it's been hard to keep myself from doing it some more.

131: Snap! Cut! Pop!

I get the urge to just snap off my fingers. I also sometimes get the urge to cut my hand off. I think its because my fingers and wrist are so skinny it would just be so easy to just break or cut them off.

130: I'd Rather Die...

I constantly have the urge to smash my head against the wall. The urge is so strong that I do it in public places now. I also have constant thoughts of self destruction. I always think I'd rather die than do something. Like I'd rather die than go back to college after winter break.

129: Triple-dipped in psycho

So um... I have a very strong urge to pull out all of my teeth, gouge out my eyes and put my teeth in the empty sockets....

I also kinda want to stab myself multiple times in the chest and face....

I think I might be legitimately losing my mind.... I already scratched most of the skin off of my upper right arm....

And I have the urge to swallow glass, vomiting my insides all over the front porch.

I am really starting to scare myself.

128: Black Eye Anna

I have the urge to give myself a black eye.
Black Eye Anna

127: Riding The Bus

I wonder how much time I can slice people up in the bus before they stop me.

126: Biting

I've always been biting something ever since I can remember: my scarf, my pencil, my doll, now even my hand and when I'm mad, other people. 
I've been restraining myself from biting things but now I realize I have a habit of clenching my teeth. Whenever I notice and stopped doing it I'll regain that urge to bite something.

125: Sew

My little sister wants to sew her mouth shut.

124: Intrusive Thoughts

I have more intrusive thoughts than I can even count. When I'm around people, especially those that I love, the thought jumps into my head that I should injure or even kill them. I calculate lethal dosages for myself in my head, and ponder other ways of committing suicide. Should I drive into oncoming traffic? Set myself on fire? Drown myself? I have panic attacks when I think about the fact that nobody will remember me after I die, but always think about dying.
Zach ['s family beware]

123: Needles

Sometimes I have the urge to take a huge, thin needle and slowly push it through the parts of my body that would hurt the most: stomach, neck, wrist, soles of my feet, palms of my hands, thigh, calf, any odd part that feels vulnerable. 
This urge makes no sense to me, because I have a crippling fear of needles, to the point where getting a vaccination can make me pass out.

122: The Elderly

I live in a touristy area, and I always see groups of old people at night. I always think about how easy it would be to mug them, and that they couldn't do anything about it.

121: Skin

Sometimes I get the urge to rip off all my skin when I get angry.

120: Urge To Leave

I've had it pretty good lately. I like my job, my SO proposed and I said yes, roof over my head, minimal bills, food every day.
Recently, I've had the urge to leave. Run away and not look back. Go someplace I have never been with people I don't know. 
It may not sound like much, but I've never been completely on my own and I have no idea how to survive. It's the worst feeling I've ever had.

119: It's Just Anger But You Can Vent!

Ex broke up with me many months back. I'd never follow through on any of these things, but she started dating a friend of mine and sometimes I just want to seriously hurt him so he'd stay away, or torch his car. Or do something to ruin his business.
Besides that, there's always some little thought that hopes some tragedy will happen in her life so I can be there. Usually rape or a death in her immediate family. F***ed up, because I could never wish either of those things on her, and I really like her family. I don't want them to die.

118: I'd Rather Die...

Sometimes I wonder just how ill I'd have to be to get out of doing things. Like, if I don't want to help the kids with their homework, I'll consider getting hit by a car on the way home from work.

117: Thoughts In Church

Having Sex with Hitler, in church, this urge has evolved from just thinking about nazis in church when I was little, this has been going on since I was 6 years old.

116: Friends, Beware Of Your Friends!

I have always had the urge to physically hurt my friends. With one friend in particular, I have such a strong urge to break his fingers. Not that I'm angry or he's done anything particularly wrong, it's just... I want to break his fingers so badly.

115: Crash into Me!

And when I'm driving, I always have the urge to crash the car by either running through lights and getting hit or by running into a tree.

114: Razors and Veins

Whenever I look at my veins (like the ones that are bigger/stick out more than the others), I have the strongest urge to get a razor and just slash them open. Odd.

113: Laser Eyes

I just got LASIK a week ago. I have the urge to directly touch my eyeballs. It's really getting annoying.

112: You're not alone... most common urge!

I have the urge to throw myself of a building or a bridge, just somewhere high up.

111: What the lip?

I always have the urge to cut my bottom lip down the middle. I always play with pocket knives, so I'm constantly with the urge to bring it to my bottom lip and cut it. I also like to trace the outline of my lips with the knife. What the f**k?

110: Incest [isn't] best!

Sometimes I get the urge to sleep with my sister because she is so hot.

109: head of glass

I just got the extremely strong urge to smash a pint glass over my head.


Whenever I am walking and a car comes from the other direction towards me, I have a very strong urge to put my fist out infront of the windscreen, smashing through and punching the driver directly in the face, I know it wouldn't end this way in reality, but it would still be awesome


Sometimes I just generally get the urge to smoke a bunch of crack


I have the urge to make myself throw up every time something goes wrong.

105: Broken Bones

When ever I touch my left hand I get the urge to break my fingers.

One o' four

Whenever I spend time with my mother, I feel this unquenchable urge to cut myself and throw myself off a very tall building.
Nothing And Nothing

One o' three: cold water

For a week straight I had the urge to put myself in cold places. I took off my shirt and held my arms and torso under the freezing cold sink water. I open my window and try to make my room as cold as possible.

One o' two: Sheriff

Most times, when I see a garda alone on patrol, or even sometimes when there's 2 of them, I get a near uncontrollable urge to tackle the piglet from behind and jump up an down on his head with both feet till there's no head left at all. It's weird tho cos I don't feel angry at the time, just really excited.

One o' one: violent

Sometimes I get the urge to just punch people in the face, even if I dont know him or her. I just feel like punching their faces.  Oftentimes I get the urge to cut and see myself bleed.  I just need to see blood!

When I see cute animals and babies, I get the urge to pick them up, hold them by their feet, and slam them against a wall several times! or even stomp on their heads! their cuteness is something I can't take!

One Hundred: Bridge Driving

While I was driving on the freeway today, I almost drove myself off a bridge. I had to consciously tell myself not to do it. 

I'm terrified because I'm depressed due to physical circumstance with little improvement in sight. I drive on the freeway multiple times a week, and for long stretches of road.

Ninety-nine: rage

I have the urge to cut myself in half I'm suffering from rage... I want to jump onto spike.
angry bunny


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Ninety-eight: The great reflection temptation

Whenever I'm in town and I see my reflection in the windows of a shop or mirrors of a car I have the urge to punch them or kick them.


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Ninety-seven: 10 times per day

I have the strong urge to make myself sick or hurt myself badly at least 10 times a day each day some days I feel like beating the crap out of myself with my fathers belt, sometimes I want to go over to the river beside my house and jump in knowing I can't swim. I had the urge to poke my eyes out with Pen earlier today and then cut my fingers off with my mothers kitchen knife. Sometimes when I'm alone in my room i feel like throwing myself up against the wall until i pass out or choke myself with a belt. I want to bite my lower lip until I go all the way through. I want to swallow all the detergent in the laundry room when i'm doing laundry. So I guess I can say I have the insane urge to hurt myself constantly.

Ninety-six: On the Move

I want to throw myself out of my boyfriends moving car.


I have this urge to throw anyone who speaks to me while I'm on my period through a brick wall.


Whilst walking my dog I had the strongest urge to walk onto the road and just stand there until a car came and hit me...
Don't Do It


I often get the urge to eat living animals. It has happened with rabbits, cats, fish, birds, and occasionally, dogs. The more harmless they look, the more I want to eat them.

Ninety-two :Dishwasher

I was washing dishes the other day, and went on washing knives. While washing the knives I had this strong urge to stab myself.

Ninety-one : Clocks

I had this urge tonight while doing dishes. I saw this tictoc clock we have and wanted to put it and all the other clocks I own in my dishwasher. I might just do it!


Sometimes I get the urge to bite through plastic or people. Every time I see someone, I

Also, I can be staring at my brother and want to punch him cold in his face since he's such a [bleep] and I want him to be knocked out.

Lastly, I get the sudden urge to curse, day in and day out.


Sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to bite people. Just today I asked my friend if I could bite her cheek. It looked so pretty.


I cannot look at oncoming trains as they enter the station, because the urge to throw myself in front of them is too strong.
Emily - good one!